Fee Assistance

"OLLI for All" Fee Assistance Program

Do you love the concept of OLLI’s lifelong learning but are not sure if you are able to afford membership and course fees? Please don’t let that stop your aspirations! 

At OLLI @Berkeley, we believe finances should not be a barrier to lifelong learning and offer waived membership dues that provide you an opportunity to become familiar with what OLLI offers and experience our learning community. 

With fee assistance, you'll enjoy:

  • Waived membership dues ($100 savings)
  • 70% off all individual course fees
  • All the benefits of membership including access to courses taught by Cal faculty and other scholars, speaker events, intergenerational dialogues, research opportunities, meetups and more

The Details

  • Applications are accepted up to seven days prior to the start of a term and can take seven business days to process. If you qualify, waived membership fees and 70% discounted courses are valid for four consecutive terms (12 months) 
  • Some special program offerings may only be available at the stated catalog price
  • Course limits may be in effect for the current OLLI academic year; course fees and/or course limits may be adjusted for the following academic years

Please note that "OLLI for ALL" Fee Assistance membership does not renew automatically. Once the initial 12-month membership has elapsed, recipients must submit a new application form.

Review & Notification

  • The application process is simple, straightforward, and private 
  • Applicants will be contacted by phone to clarify financial information and to be notified of their program application status 
  • Documentation of financial information may be requested after you submit an application

Annual Gross Household Income Limits

Income thresholds are based on Department of Housing and Urban Development income limits established for the Oakland - Fremont Metro FMR Area; these income guidelines reflect local cost of living. The Oakland - Fremont HUD Metro Area contains Alameda County and Contra Costa County.

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