2022-23 Annual Report: Rebuilding, Remimaginging, Reconnecting

Susan Hoffman

Thank you for another year of dynamic learning inside and outside of the classroom!

As you will read in this Annual Report, we made changes and experimented with our program based on the generous feedback we received from members; we recruited more new faculty and speakers as we developed new offerings; we grew even deeper connections with campus partners and undergrads; and continued the urgent work on diversity and inclusion.

At the same time, we devoted ourselves to critical infrastructure needs such as investing in a new website and database, providing essential equity raises for many on staff, and ensuring that low-income members of our community are able to participate fully in our program thanks to a threefold increase in scholarships.

OLLI @Berkeley is one of the three largest Osher Institutes in the country. Our size, long-term fiscal health, and situational and operational resilience buffered us from the worst effects of the pandemic. But not entirely. Like nearly all of the 125 OLLI’s in the network, we saw a decrease in members over the past several years. While the decline was less than most, the corresponding loss in dues and fees required us to trim our operating budget. I encourage you to review the Fiscal Year Overview section for details.

This moment has also initiated an exciting recalibration of possible new revenue sources, including programs I look forward to introducing over the next several months. We do believe we are stronger today and expect that we will be even stronger tomorrow, powered by our inspiring community of learners and by your ongoing generosity and belief in the work we do.

With appreciation for your support,

Susan Hoffman

Director, OLLI @Berkeley